DIY Tissue Decorative Puffs – Easy and Affordable

DIY Tissue Decorative Puffs

Oh, for the love of D-I-Ying!

These DIY Tissue Decorative Puffs (or pom-poms) cost nothing to make, and are so easy to do!  These puffs are a great choice for any last minute decorating because all the required materials to make these adorable puffs will likely be in your home already.

We often make these in our home when it’s someone’s birthday, or a holiday.  We made them for a New Year’s eve get-together, a few years ago, and the overall decoration looked amazing.  For the New Year’s eve event, we decided on a white theme, and had beautifully full white puffs, in different sizes, hanging from the ceiling.  We received so many compliments on the decorating that night.  Not to mention, the whole thing only cost a few dollars!  Yes, that’s right, it was $1 per package of tissue paper at the dollar store.  Anyone else a fan of dollar store hacks?  Well then this DIY is right up your alley.

You’ll only need four materials for this super cute DIY.


  • Tissue Paper (about 8-12 sheets per puff)
  • Scissors
  • Paper clips
  • Pliers


What I’ve learned from making these, is that the more tissue sheets you use, per puff, the fuller the puff will be.  And a fuller puff is definitely more aesthetically pleasing.  Secondly, if you’re new to this, I would encourage you to start with making a smaller size puff, as the larger ones can be more difficult to make at first, as they tend to be harder to become fuller and will lead to a less than perfect puff.

You can also get creative by cutting the edges of the tissue in either a round or pointy shape.  Doing this, will create completely different puff looks and leave your space looking really neat and lovely.  In addition, another great thing about this DIY is that the colour themes are endless, because these puffs are only made of tissue paper after all and tissue comes in several different colours!  With this DIY, you really are getting your bang for your buck!

Bottom line:

These DIY Tissue Decorative Puffs are such an affordable way to add style and fun to any get-together.

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