Tosta Mista (Portuguese Ham and Cheese Melt)

Tosta Mista (Portuguese Ham and Cheese Melt)

I’m back with another cheese melt recipe – the first being my Tuna Melt Panini recipe, which you can check out here .

Today, I’m sharing a Portuguese version named Tosta Mista, which is a Portuguese Ham and Cheese Melt.  As I’ve already mentioned in my last Melt post, I just love a M-E-L-T.  The cheesy, bready goodness, what more could you ask for, right?

Being Portuguese has meant these delicious Tosta Mistas have been in my life ever since I could remember.  They are one of the first things I order when visiting a Portuguese bakery or restaurant.  They are often made in Portuguese buns, or papo secos (which I also used, and speak about in my Bifana de Porco post here).  These buns become perfectly crisp when toasted, the perfect contrast to the ooey gooey cheesy insides.

Tosta Mista (Portuguese Ham and Cheese Melt)

Now, although a Tosta Mista is commonly made with ham and cheese, you can really customize it to fit your tastes by switching up your veggie toppings, the types of cheese you use, the type of bread, or even the type of meat.  There are endless possibilities with this recipe.  And although some may argue that the sandwich no longer becomes a Tosta Mista when removing the ham, for me, the spirit of a traditional Tosta Mista remains because I always use a Portuguese bun – yum!  Which I encourage you to do as well 🙂

As I’ve recently started eliminating much meat from my diet, I often make a vegetarian version of this sandwich with just a slice of tomato and cheese, which I’ve found equally delicious and just as fulfilling.  So again, the options are yours!

This particular recipe is the way we often make it at our house.  We hope you will enjoy it too.

This is a great sandwich for lunch, or for dinner, served with a nice fresh green salad.  It’s best served immediately, so the cheese remains warm and melty.

Tosta Mista (Portuguese Ham and Cheese Melt)
Cuisine: Portuguese
Serves: 1 Sandwich
  • Lettuce leaves
  • 4 Tomato slices
  • 4 Black Forest Ham slices
  • 1 Portuguese bun (Papo seco)
  • 3 Herb & Spice Havarti cheese slices
  1. Assemble sandwich and grill until cheese has melted to your liking!
Feel free to add/remove the filling amounts to reflect your taste.

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