DIY Mason Jar Luminary (super easy!)

DIY Mason Jar Luminary

This is such a cute DIY project and so affordable. It’s also really simple to make.

I always have mason jars in my pantry, as I often hold on to them after having used the pasta sauces that often come inside. They are adorable jars that can be used in so many different ways, and I can never seem to just throw them away.

I decided to use some of my mason jars to make these super adorable luminaries!

DIY Mason Jar Luminary

These luminaries are perfect for summer garden outdoor get-togethers. They can be used as centre pieces on the tables or just added around your outdoor space as a lovely way to add lighting throughout.

You can make a few of these for very little money and in the colour of your choice – making them great little décor items to have around for when you’re decorating your space for entertaining some guests.

DIY Mason Jar Luminary

All you’ll need to make these are, glass gems (you can get these in any colour you like, I often get mine at the dollar store, super inexpensive!), a glue gun and of course, a mason jar. I use a tea light candle for this, so you want to be sure you have those available for this as well.

DIY Mason Jar Luminary

To make this, all you’re doing is using your glue gun to glue each glass gem to the mason jar, being sure to cover as much surface area as you can. You want to try to keep your gems close together and as straight in their pattern as possible. To me, this tends to look best, but feel free to glue your gems in any pattern you like.

Once finished, place a tea light candle or battery operated tea light candle into the jar.

And voila! You are left with this inexpensive and adorable luminary — perfect for summer night get-togethers in the garden!

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