DIY Paper Organizer Revamp

DIY Paper Organizer Revamp – Easy and Affordable

This DIY Paper Organizer Revamp is a super easy and affordable way of jazzing up a dull paper organizer into one that is beautiful and adds a nice detail to your room décor. All you’ll need to make this is: a paper organizer gift bag scissors pencil glue gun ribbon I bought this paper organizer for $1 at the dollar store.  The gift bag I already had, I had kept it after a friend had …

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DIY Tissue Decorative Puffs

DIY Tissue Decorative Puffs – Easy and Affordable

Oh, for the love of D-I-Ying! These DIY Tissue Decorative Puffs (or pom-poms) cost nothing to make, and are so easy to do!  These puffs are a great choice for any last minute decorating because all the required materials to make these adorable puffs will likely be in your home already. We often make these in our home when it’s someone’s birthday, or a holiday.  We made them for a New Year’s eve get-together, a few …

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